December 17, 2021

What is Axie Infinity Scholarship, and how to apply for one

Axie Infinity Scholarships are a new way for people all across the globe to earn, especially in areas where jobs are scarce and unemployment is high. An Axie Infinity Scholarship is an arrangement between two parties. The first is an individual who wishes to play Axie Infinity but can’t afford the three Axies required to get started. The other is a player guild that offers Axies in exchange for a percentage of the player’s profits.

What is a Scholar in the Axie Infinity Scholarship Application?

  • Scholar: If you are just getting started, axies can be costly. So this is a way to get them for free in exchange for splitting the profits with the owner of the axies. It’s also the most effective way to learn because the veteran is most concerned with making his or her axies profitable.
  • Manager / Veteran: An investor who purchases axies and loans them out to scholars. The profits made by a scholar are split between the manager and scholar

Scholarships became popular in the Axie community because of the following reasons

  1. Many veteran players or breeders have a large number of Axies but are unable to use them to earn SLP (playing multiple accounts is not allowed by Axie Infinity and has lead to many people being banned)
  2. Some up-and-coming players want to begin playing but lack the financial means to purchase a starter team.

Managers can also assist scholars in learning about the game, which is especially important because NFT and cryptocurrency games are still new and complicated.

Managers can provide tips on how to efficiently farm SLPs or the best Axie Infinity combos and cards to maximize both parties’ profits.

How to Become a Scholar and Freely Play Axie Infinity

To be able to qualify for a scholarship and a free starter team of three Axies, you must meet the following requirements.

  1. Search for managers or guilds like metaverse Job Japan that employ Axie scholars. Several players or “entrepreneurs” form Guilds, in which they invest in a large number of Axies and hire players to earn SLP. These are then split between the two. metaverse Job Japan is one such guild
  2. Make contact with the managers and inform them that you want to apply for a scholarship. Discord is the best place to contact us.
  3. Once you have been accepted, you get Axies from your manager and begin playing!

Becoming an Axies Manager and have some players, as you might expect, you require a large number of axies and also be willing to lend them to others.

Best places to look for Axie Infinity scholarships.

If you would like to apply to be an Axie Scholar, here are some resources places to look into:

  1. Guilds like metaverse Job Japan. You can apply to become a scholar by filling out the application form here
  2. Axie Infinity’s official Discord server. This is the most common approach, but it is not the best. For instance, the Discord server can be overcrowded at times.
  3. Axie Infinity scholarship groups on Facebook. It is the most effective method because there are so many groups, representing all languages and countries
  4. Search on Twitter
  5. Subreddits for Axie Infinity
  6. YouTubers and Content Creators for Axie Infinity

As an aspiring scholar, however, you will have to demonstrate to potential sponsors that you are credible and deserving of a starter team. Why would they give away Axies to a random total stranger, after all? This is why it is so much easier to find someone you already know and trust.

Most guilds or managers have application procedures in which prospective scholars must fill out a form with their personal information and background. Consider it similar to submitting a resume for a job application, except instead of a job, you will be earning money by playing a video game!

Scholarship programs are a win-win for community parties. They allow managers with extra Axies to earn passive income while scholars can begin playing and earning without having to spend any money. Regardless, be polite and respectful, avoid spamming — doing so will only hurt your chances of being approved as a scholar.

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