How to become a Scholar?

(Fill application form)
  • To receive your earning, provide your Crypto wallet address like Ronin wallet or Metamask upon application
  • You will receive Email to verify your provided email, make sure you verify it, as you will not receive any notification from us, unless it is verified.
Receive Scholarship Invitation
  • After Screening you will receive invitation to join as our Scholar via email.
  • Join metaverse Job Japan Discord Community while you wait.
Receive your Game account and Items (NFT)
  • We will share your Game account information via Email. Once you log in you will see Game Items in your account.
Start playing and Earning!
  • If you need support, always seek help from @mJJ Coach

Scholarship General Rules

Here are General rules for metaverse Job Japan Scholarship. Please check each game section to find out rules unique by game.

  • Please do not not share your Game account with anyone else
  • No multi-accounting – only 1 account per player
  • The Earning will be sent to your Crypto wallet account provided on the first business day of the following month
  • Please Play everyday
  • Please earn over minimum amount specified by games, in order to keep your Scholarship status
  • If you no longer wish to play, you must inform us immediately

Frequently asked question

Anyone who loves playing games, and have a mobile phone and wifi

Absolutely none. Anyone from anywhere in the world can join. We have scholars from different countries playing with us even now.

The earnings you get from Play2Earn games are in cryptocurrency. You need a crypto wallet so your earnings can be transferred to you in a safe manner. You can use various crypto exchanges (depending on your country) for converting this cryptocurrency to your local currency.

It depends on your skill and how well you understand the game you are playing. Some people even earn better than their normal day jobs. You can also play several game to increase your earnings.

Yes. These will differ based on the game. Please read the game-specific rules in our Discord server or ask one of the Community Leaders.

Yes! We have coaches and moderators who can answer any questions you have. Our guild also consists of very helpful members from all across the globe. They can help you with any questions you have. Our coaches also hold training sessions to help scholars become better at a game.

This depends on the rules around Cryptocurrency in your country. You can use any trading platform which is allowed in your country - like Binance, Coinbase etc. Simply create an account on the platform, connect your bank account to this account and convert the crypto to cash in your bank account. You can also ask our Community Leaders or Moderators for country-specific instructions on Discord.

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