Axie Infinity Scholarship

How to become a Scholar?

Apply for Axie Infinity Scholarship
(Fill application form)
  • To receive your earning, provide your Crypto wallet address like Ronin wallet or Metamask upon application
  • You will receive Email to verify your provided email, make sure you verify it, as you will not receive any notification from us, unless it is verified.
Receive Scholarship Invitation
  • After Screening you will receive invitation to join as our Axie Infinity Scholarship via email.
  • Once you have connected your wallet and verified your email, you are part of the mJJ Community!
Receive your Game account and Items (NFT)
  • We will share your Game account information via Email. Once you log in you will see Game Items in your account.
Start playing and Earning!
  • 100% SLP will be FOR YOU!! Play daily for FREE and increase your earnings !

Axie Infinity Scholarship Rules

Here are some rules for metaverse Job Japan Axie Infinity Scholarship.

  • Please do not not share your Game account with anyone else
  • No multi-accounting – only 1 account per player
  • Your earnings will be sent to your Crypto wallet account provided on the first business day of the following month
  • Please play everyday to prevent your account from being deactivated and to maximize your earnings
  • If you no longer wish to play, you must inform us immediately

Sign up for Axie Scholarship 100% SLP for You

Frequently asked question

All our mJJ Community members. To join our community connect your wallet with mJJ and sign up with your email. You can connect your wallet here.

The Axie will be sent to the crypto wallet address you shared while signing up for the Axie Infinity Scholarship. It is not possible to send you these assets via any other mode. Make sure to submit the correct crypto wallet details while signing up, because this is the wallet we will send your Axies to. Requests to change the wallet address post sign up will not be accommodated. If you have not set up a crypto wallet before, follow this guide.

You are entitled to 100% of the SLP you earn! What's more, mJJ Axie infinity Scholarship is a FREE program!! We want more people to play Axie Infinity, earn for their gaming skill and help expand the Axie gaming community globally.

There is no threshold for minimum earnings, however, we want you to play daily and help onboard friends and family to play Axie Infinity! The more you play, the more you enhance your skill and the greater you earn !!

We would recommend joining the Axie Infinity Discord server and the mJJ Discord server for game discussions, learning gaming and earning strategies and connecting with other players. There is a vast amount of information on both these servers. In addition follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date with latest news and announcements.

You can use any trading platform which is allowed in your country - like Binance, Coinbase etc. Simply create an account on the platform, connect your bank account to this account and convert the crypto to cash in your bank account. For more see this guide.

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