What is Play 2 Earn

The new way of earning extra while playing games

What is Play 2 Earn

Play To Earn is a new way of earning in the form of crypto-currencies while playing games

Play-to-earn games fall under the GameFi category Рthey combine gaming and finance. Each game offers financial rewards for participating and progressing. You can earn cryptocurrency in the game by playing it and completing quests. You can also buy or sell digital assets or NFTs (non-fungible tokens). 

Play2Earn games have been especially helpful since the pandemic left a lot of people without a means to earn. It has helped people to support their families, has helped students to pay off their education loans and also helped them to generate extra pocket money.

This category of gaming has also brought forward some new terms in the gaming economy

1. Guilds

Teams or assets that you need to start a Play2Earn game are not cheap. Not everyone has the initial capital needed to play these games. Guilds are groups like metaverse Job Japan which make that initial investment for you. We purchase the assets that you need to start playing. In turn, whatever profits you make are split between you and the guild

2. Scholars

When you think scholars, you think students. But in the world of NFT gaming, scholars are players who play for a specific guild.


So what are you waiting for? Get on board as a scholar and begin your journey in this amazing world of earning while playing games. All the best and keep grinding!

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