January 20, 2023

CyberCity Alpha Test is LIVE!! Finish the game and share your feedback to win 300 CYBR tokens!!

CyberCity is a free-to-play cyberpunk game with RPG elements. Play the alpha version here, then share your feedback about the game here on the CyberCity website and win 300 CYBR tokens!!

Alpha Testing Gameplay

The first thing players will be faced in the game is the map. It consists of various districts. In alpha, an empty city block is implemented. They can be owned by different players or be unowned. The map will highlight areas held by the player.
The battle is divided into moves that are made in turn. To win, the player must lower the enemy’s health to 0. Each character in fighting has a stock of Action Points, which are replenished at the beginning of each turn.

  • Hone your skills and Strategies
  • Raid and Conquer other City Blocks in PVE and PVP
  • Upgrade your Character, Weapons and Companions
  • Build up your base and protect your land and earnings from others
  • Create Alliances to survive and prosper in harsh and unforgiving Dystopian Futur


Go to the CyberCity Alpha testing registration page here. Click on PLAY ALPHA to download the game to a Windows PC/ desktop computer and start playing!

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