Do-to-Win: General


General Queries about Do-to-Win

Do-to-Win is a way for you to earn rewards by completing certain tasks. You can participate by signing up and completing these tasks. Learn more about how to sign up and rewards here.

You can sign up on our dedicated Do-to-Win page, here.

Winners will be chosen from all the persons who have completed the tasks and these winners will receive exclusive in-game NFTs or USDC. The winners will be randomly selected from among all the persons who have completed the tasks required under the specific Do-to-Win.

Number of winners will vary for each Do-to-Win. We will share this information on our social media channels. Join our Discord, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep track of announcements!

Most Do-to-Win giveaways will last for 14 days, but this may vary. We will announce the details on mJJ Discord, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Prizes include exclusive in-game NFTs for the hottest Web3 games, including Axie Origins, Galaxy Fight Club, Summoners Arena and many more.
Learn more here.

Each winner will be entitled to 1 NFT or 10 USDC depending on the Do-to-Win giveaway.

YES! You can sign up for as many Do-to-Win as you want, however you cannot sign up for the same Do-to-Win more than once.

Tasks are simple and easy such as share, follow, or comment on social media.

A cryptocurrency wallet is software or hardware that allows you to store and manage the cryptocurrency you own. It stores the passkeys you use to sign for your cryptocurrency transactions and provides the interface that lets you access your crypto. Cryptocurrency wallets are software applications on computers or mobile devices such as phones or tablets. They use an internet connection to access the blockchain network for the cryptocurrency you’re using. You can learn more about crypto wallets here.

No. Crypto wallets are different from e-wallets, like Apple Pay, Paypal and Cash App, which are digital wallets stored on smartphones that connect to traditional credit cards and bank accounts, as well as store things like plane tickets. A crypto wallet is a hardware device or software that allows you to store, send and receive cryptocurrency. It works by letting you access the crypto coins you own that exist on a blockchain. You can learn more about the different kinds of crypto wallets here.

If you are selected as a winner, the NFTs/ USDC you win will be sent to the crypto wallet address you shared while signing up for the respective Do-to-Win. It is not possible to send you these assets via email/ bank transfer or any other mode. If you have not set up a crypto wallet before, follow this guide to set up a new crypto wallet.
Make sure to submit the correct crypto wallet details while signing up, because this is the wallet we will send your rewards to. Requests to change the wallet address post sign up will not be accommodated.

Axie Infinity runs on the Ronin network, which is not compatible with other chains/ networks. This implies that in order to receive your Axies you need to copy the private key of whichever wallet you are using (example: Metamask, TrustWallet etc.) to the Ronin crypto wallet in order to see the Axies sent to you. The process would be similar for all wallets. The use case below uses Metamask just as an example.

The process will be as follows:
1. You will receive the Axie NFT in your Metamask wallet.
2. Open Metamask wallet. Click on the three dot (kebab menu) in the upper right corner. Select Account Details and then Export Private Key.
3. Copy your wallet’s private key
4. Close Metamask wallet
5. Open Ronin wallet
6. Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and select Import a Private Key.
7. Paste the private key you earlier copied.
8. The wallet is added to Ronin successfully.
9. Now go to Axie Infinity website and log in with the Ronin wallet you just added.
10. You will see the Axie you won in your Inventory.

After the winners have been announced we will transfer the NFTs/ USDC to the wallets that the winners have used to sign up for the respective Do-to-Win. Once we transfer the NFTs/ USDC to that wallet address, we will share the transaction hash with the winners via email. The transaction hash can be used to check whether you have received the NFT(s)/ USDC in your wallet or not.

In-game NFTs are assets you own that can be used for:
1. Gameplay
2. Sold on open markets like OpenSea for a profit
3. Rented out to other gamers for a fee on NFT renting platforms like reNFT
4. Kept for investment purposes (NFTs may increase in value like other assets)
5. Gift to friends/ family/ other gamers

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