Do-to-Win : USDC


Queries about Do-to-Win USDC Rewards

USDC is a digital currency pegged to the US Dollar. 1 USDC = ~1US$, the latest exchange rate can be found here.
Learn more about USDC here.

USDC is a cryptocurrency and accepted as a mode of payment by thousands of merchants worldwide, including Microsoft, Twitch and others. You can learn more here about how to spend your USDC if you choose to here.
Alternatively, you can also hold USDC as an asset or gift it to others.

A cryptocurrency wallet is software or hardware that allows you to store and manage the cryptocurrency you own. It stores the passkeys you use to sign for your cryptocurrency transactions and provides the interface that lets you access your crypto. Cryptocurrency wallets are software applications on computers or mobile devices such as phones or tablets. They use an internet connection to access the blockchain network for the cryptocurrency you’re using. You can learn more about crypto wallets here.

No. Crypto wallets are different from e-wallets, like Apple Pay, Paypal and Cash App, which are digital wallets stored on smartphones that connect to traditional credit cards and bank accounts, as well as store things like plane tickets. A crypto wallet is a hardware device or software that allows you to store, send and receive cryptocurrency. It works by letting you access the crypto coins you own that exist on a blockchain. You can learn more about the different kinds of crypto wallets here.

If you are selected as a winner, the USDC you win will be sent to the crypto wallet address you shared while signing up for the respective Do-to-Win. It is not possible to send you these assets via email/ bank transfer or any other mode. If you have not set up a crypto wallet before, follow this guide to set up a new crypto wallet.
Make sure to submit the correct crypto wallet details while signing up, because this is the wallet we will send your rewards to. Requests to change the wallet address post sign up will not be accommodated.

After the winners have been announced we will transfer the USDC to the wallets that the winners have used to sign up for the respective Do-to-Win. Once we transfer the USDC to that wallet address, we will share the transaction hash with the winners via email. The transaction hash can be used to check whether you have received the USDC in your wallet or not.

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