October 11, 2022

Good News! Drunk Robots Scholarship Invitations Has Started.

We have some exciting news, Drunk Robots has passed our assessment and will go on to the next phase of investments from mJJ!


Drunk Robots scholarship invitations have already started. Consistent scholars from Axie are currently getting prioritized for invitations until we scale up NFT investments further.


The game has promising earning potential & requires less than 1 hr of gameplay per day! mJJ scholars will receive invitations daily at 9:30 am JST, new applicants will receive invitations the next day after filling out our application form on metaversejobjapan.io.


Team mJJ has prepared a Drunk Robots game guide to help new players. Watch the ” How to Start Earning in Drunk Robots in 2 Days” guide on Youtube!


Please visit our Discord channel to learn more about how to apply for Drunk Robots. – https://scholar.metaversejobjapan.io/apply


Join our Discord channel to play and earn with mJJ!



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