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Hot NFT Games | Arsenal 3D FPS

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Arsenal is a 3D First Person Shooter multi-player game developed by Fabwelt for the Fabwelt Gaming Ecosystem and Metaverse. It has a “Counter-Strike” look and feel and it’s fully integrated with blockchain technology. It utilizes in-game NFTs as assets, collectibles and utilities. Pay to Play and Play to Earn is integrated in such a way that attracts everyday players, as well as professional players around the world to get incentives and fun. Arsenal has different game modes like Free for All, Deathmatch, Capture the Flag etc. Various maps are included along with the other features to maximize gameplay and fun! Arsenal lets you earn WELT tokens while having fun playing with friends or against other players around the world. There are various ways to earn points and WELT tokens when playing Arsenal. A player can choose 3 types of P2E scenarios: Free Play, Automated Tournaments and Fabwelt organized Tournaments. Overall, every 150 points gained in the game will be converted to 1 WELT token. Arsenal 3D FPS is an NFT game which has play-to-earn feature. Learn more about Arsenal 3D FPS; you can check their NFT price on their official web site.


Binance Smart Chain, Polygon
Android, IOS Windows, MAC

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