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Hot NFT Games | COIN by XYO

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Join over 5 Million and earn crypto, video game consoles, and other amazing products by Geomining! Earn rewards by walking, running, and even driving (+ much more!). GEOMINE AS A SIDE HUSTLE Earn crypto and physical products for Geomining your local area. COIN has a variety of redemption options, and we're always adding more! You can redeem crypto (BTC, XYO, ETH), iPads, Bluetooth speakers, and even gaming systems! EARN CRYPTO (BTC, ETH, XYO) Redeem earned crypto with Coinbase, or an ERC-20 wallet. Fast and secure! DAILY REWARDS & BONUS DROPS Use the Auto Explore feature to earn on the go, or establish a Home Base if you'll be spending the day indoors! Power up Bonus Drops and collect them every week. SURVEYS, MINIGAMES, and MORE! Earn even more COIN and crypto rewards by completing quick surveys with our partners, playing minigames, or trying a variety of our other features! We're always growing, updating, and improving our app and we look forward to finding the most fun ways to earn rewards. PLAY WITH FRIENDS COIN allows you to use referral rewards links or SentinelX Sharing to earn more when your friends join the fun! Invite a friend to earn more COIN, or simply compete to see who can earn more COIN faster! Geomine near each other to activate Team Lift or Geodrop messages to each other inside the app! COIN by XYO is an NFT game which has play-to-earn feature. Learn more about COIN by XYO; you can check their NFT price on their official web site.


Binance Smart Chain
Android, IOS
Fitness, Move-To-Earn

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