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Hot NFT Games | Dream Card V2

Hot NFT Games | Dream Card V2

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Dream Card is inspired by "Pokémon Trading Card Game" and combines the technology of blockchain. In the X World Games ecosystem, every NFT card is openly and transparently recorded on the chain and belongs to a specific player. Players can customize their cards to have new attributes and designs, which improves the game's playability. Dream Card 1.0 The minimum viable product version of Dream Card, which mainly focuses on PVP gameplay, contains all the basic and functional elements of a crypto trading card game, such as level and rarity system, character growth, ELO ranking, passive skills, and NFT staking & trading. Dream Card 1.0 was successfully launched in June 2021 and attracted more than 1 million+ players all over the world. Dream Card 2.0 The next upgrade version of Dream Card, will be running parallel to Dream Card 1.0 and mainly focus on PvE gameplay. Players can play against computer AIs, passing through levels and beating the final Boss. The combat animation and special effects will be upgraded to the mobile gaming standard, which is different from the current Dream Card 1.0. More game modes will be developed for better game experience and retention. Dream Card V2 is an NFT game which has play-to-earn feature. Learn more about Dream Card V2; you can check their NFT price on their official web site.


Binance Smart Chain
Card, Collectible, RPG

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