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Hot NFT Games | InfiniGods

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InfiniGods was founded by Web 2.0 and Game Industry veterans with the goal of leveraging the best of Blockchain technologies to provide gamers opportunities to Play, Earn, and Own. We have built, scaled, and maintained games for millions of users across numerous platforms for more than 50 years. Unlike most NFT / Web3-based games, InfiniGods games are built from the ground up around the idea of interoperability. Our NFTs are designed from the start to be accessible and useable as cross-game assets not only in our games but also in games developed outside of InfiniGods. Within each of our individual games, the scarcity of NFTs will shape gameplay by enabling unique actions and rewards. Have Athena on your side? Place her in the guard tower and watch your archers devastate their targets with inhuman precision. Can't place a building where you'd like? Maybe Loki's chaos powers can rearrange your city's layout just the right way (or maybe just the wrong one...) InfiniGods is an NFT game which has play-to-earn feature. Let's play InfiniGods and you can check their NFT price on their official website.


Binance Smart Chain
MAC, Windows, Android, IOS
Adventure, Strategy

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