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Hot NFT Games | SOUNI

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SOUNI is a truly player-driven 3D MMORPG game with a real economy powered by Binance Smart Chain, where all valuable cosmetic items are tokenized as non-fungible crypto collectibles. Souni towards three core pillars is player-driven economy, a classless combat system, and scarce, tradable NFTs collectibles. As players venture through this world full of rivalries and challenges, they enjoy real-game experiences, immersed in the SOUNI metaverse world of warriors, magicians, dragons, elements, and spirits. It’s a living, breathing world where players can explore PVE storyline, compete with thousands of online players, build up their battle teams, form their own island and business center in order to interact with other players. SOUNI opens the novel heaven of DeFi, leads players to earn digital assets and take part in popular DeFi activities such as staking, mining, and farming by simply playing an engaging strategy game. The standout of SOUNI is to let players to bypass the traditional gatekeepers, liberate themselves financially, and have fun at the same time while joining the DeFi revolution. SOUNI is an NFT game which has play-to-earn feature. Learn more about SOUNI; you can check their NFT price on their official web site.


Binance Smart Chain
Android, IOS
Adventure, MMORPG

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