January 25, 2022

How to find a good Play to Earn guild or manager

Play-to-earn is all the rage these days, which is understandable given how easy it is to earn a lot through simple and fun gameplay. The first entry point for Play2Earn games is usually Axie Infinity. However, you need 3 Axies to play the game, which costs $1000 on average. This makes entrance difficult for individuals who want to earn using Play-to-earn games. The Play to Earn Axie scholarship comes into play in this situation. A guild or manager rent a team of Axies to a scholar for free, helping them to earn. In exchange, the profit made by the player is split between the player and the manager/guild.

While there are numerous Play to Earn Axie scholarships available, the competition for them is fierce. However, getting a scholarship is not impossible. Below are some tips on how to find a good play-to-earn scholarship guild or manager.

Do Your Own Research Before You Apply

Without a doubt, Axie Infinity has proven itself as a new solid earning prospect that everyone wants to take advantage of. Guild can assist scholars in entering the play-to-earn market and discovering new games and be able to earn more. But guilds have different methods for maintaining and monitoring their scholars’ earnings and activities. The best method for scholars looking for good Play to Earn Axie scholarship managers is to conduct thorough research before applying. Obtain information, evaluate it based on what you know and which options are best for you. And then decide which guild suits you best. Choose a good manager or guild that offers you the best results. Here are some criteria you can use to select the best guild for you.

Will They Give a Chance to Anyone in the World?  

The fast growth of play-to-earn (P2E) games is impossible to ignore, as more gamers around the world are captivated by their earning potential. Axie Infinity is predominantly played in the Philippines. There are many guilds that are localized in places like the Philippines or Brazil and only give chance to scholars from those countries. Make sure the guild you are joining is globally accepting players from all over the world and has members from diverse geographies. As a scholar, what you need is a  platform that can connect users smoothly and manage all of the technical aspects of playing P2E games and managing teams, allowing you to focus more on their game and achieve greater success.

Would They Pay on time? 

The ‘play-to-earn’ concept of the game has allowed gamers from all over the world to make Axie Infinity their primary source of earning. Profit-sharing is, of course, applied, and it varies depending on the manager, guild, and player. A good Play to Earn Axie scholarship guild or manager offers payments on time and maybe even performance-based rewards.

Many managers are unable to pay scholars on time. Some of them even take up to two months. Some, unfortunately, also do not pay the scholars their due at all. A scholar should research an axie infinity guild that provides automated payment.

Will They Give a Chance to Freshers?

Many guilds/managers accept only experienced players. They have specific teams (RBP, AAB, ABP, etc) and want players who have experience playing with these teams. They are looking for ways in which they can earn profits faster. They want their axies to be completely utilized.

If you are just starting Play2Earn games, make sure you join a guild or a manager that offers scholarships to new players as well. Make sure you join a guild which will give freshers a chance and give them a team which is suitable for them. Some guilds also provide resources like game strategy discussions, personal training if needed, and mentors. 

Would They Give Good Axies OR Change Axies if Requested?

A good Play to Earn Axie scholar manager is always concerned about their players’ well-being and earnings. Earnings in the Axie Infinity world are directly dependent on the axies they have – better the axies, more the chances of earning better. But at the same time, the better the axies, the more expensive they are. Choose a manager or guild who will give you good axies to help maximize your earnings. It is also important that the manager/guild builds a good relationship with their scholars. Building a strong collaboration allows managers to gain a better understanding of the areas where players may improve in order to win more battles and earn more SLP tokens. At times you might feel that you can do better with a different team. Select a guild that pays attention to scholar requests. Not all guilds are willing to change their scholars’ axies on request. For that to happen, they must have a good reserve of axies or be able to purchase new axies as needed. The guild should trust a scholar’s judgment if they believe they can do better with different axies.

Are They Planning to Expand to Other Games?

When guilds expand to other games, it gives scholars a chance to increase their earnings by playing different games. It also helps because by playing a variety of games you might gain skills and develop a liking for games you are proficient at. As a player, make sure you select a Play to Earn scholarship guild that is offering multiple games or is ready to expand so that you can increase your profits.

Need help selecting a scholarship?

Are you still confused about which scholarship to select? We have listed down the top 10 scholarship guilds/managers for you. Head over to the Top 10 Axie Infinity scholarship Guilds and Managers and hope it helps you select the best guild for you.

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