October 12, 2022

Summoners Arena Scholarship Invitations is live now | Grab Now!

The wait is finally over! mJJ is proud to announce our next round of NFT investment to Summoners Arena!


The mJJ Game Samurais have been working hard testing the game from every angle. Their summary is that Summoners Arena has amazing in-game graphics and most important of all – fun and strategic gameplay.


This game currently has limited scholar seats so stay active on Axie to get priority invitations to Summoners Arena.


Team mJJ has also created a game guide to help you start earning in as fast as 2 days! Watch the game guide on youtube.


Please visit our Discord channel to learn more about how to apply for scholarships. https://scholar.metaversejobjapan.io/apply


Join our Discord channel to play and earn with mJJ!



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