January 20, 2022

Top 10 Axie Infinity scholarship Guilds and Managers

Play to Earn games have become the newest trend to earn extra money. For some people, Play2Earn games have also become the sole source of income. It is a way of earning by playing games online. But to begin playing, you need NFT assets (Game items), which is why most players start from renting NFT, which is called a Scholarship program.

One of the more popular Play to Earn games is called Axie Infinity. You can read more about it here. This is usually also the entry point for most people who want to get into the Play2Earn economy. To play Axie Infinity, you need 3 axies which you send into battle. Buying 3 axies will bring the average cost to about USD 1000. If you do not have the funds to buy, getting an Axie Infinity Scholarship is the way to go.

What is an Axie Infinity Scholarship manager?

Scholars are those individuals who want to play a Play2Earn game. Managers or Guilds provide scholarships. They buy the Axies and rent them out to you for free. The profit that you earn by playing Axie Infinity is then shared between you and the manager or guild. That is why the system is called Play to Earn Scholarship. Becoming a scholar under a manager or guild gives you a chance to earn without any risk.

Usually guilds and managers do the same thing, but guilds offer scholarships at a much larger level. A guild can also have many managers.

Guilds are usually not limited to just one game. A guild with enough resources provide scholarships for multiple Play-to-earn games. This gives scholars an opportunity to play more games and earn more.

How to find good managers and guilds

There are many Guilds and Managers these days which provide you with a scholarship. But how do you decide which one is legit and which one to select? Below are some points you should look at when selecting a guild or manager

a. Provide good axies

Axie Infinity earnings are defined by how good your Axies are. The better the axies, the more expensive they are. Find a manager or guild which will give you good axies to maximize your earnings.

b. Timely payments

It is very important that you play for a guild or manager that provides timely payments and does not cheat on their scholars. In that sense, guilds are a better alternative than managers, they are less likely to run away with the money of multiple scholars. Better yet, talk to other scholars of the guild and ensure that they get payments on time

c. Listening to their scholars

To play Axie Infinity, you need a team of 3 axies. Sometimes you will discover that the axies are not a good fit together or you cannot reach your best scores with your team. In such cases you might want to request a change in your axies from your manager/guild. It is important to go with a guild or manager which has a good reserve of stock to replace your axies and help you.

d. More games on offer

There are more Play-to-Earn games coming to the market in 2022. Look for guilds who are planning to diversify to other games. This way, you can play more games and increase your earnings.

e. Onboarding freshers

Some guilds or managers only onboard experienced players. If you have never played Axie Infinity before, look for guilds that give a chance to any players including freshers.

Top 10 Axie Infinity Scholarship Guilds & Managers

Based on this criteria, here are some of the best guilds we have listed for you

NameCountry of Origin# of scholarsPayout on timeOnboards freshersExpand to other gamesAdditional info
metaverse Job JapanJapan500Japan based, hiring from all over the world. Backed by Blockchain game giant Animoca Brands, strongly recruiting
Yield Guild GamesPhilippines7000
Avocado GuildAustralia4000
Merit CircleNetherlands2700No infoNo infoNo info
Hiraya InfinityItaly75No infoNo infoNo info
SGAxieScholarSingapore10No infoNo info
Axie OceanBrazil140No infoNo infoNo info
XYZ Scholarship ProgramMorocco100+No infoNo infoNo info
ADIL ScholarIndonesia100+No infoNo infoNo info


As users acknowledge Axie scholarships as the most cost-effective method of joining Axie Infinity, applications for becoming a scholar have become extremely popular. Axie Infinity is a simple way to earn a lot of money without leaving your house, but unless you take part as a scholar, it is now incredibly expensive to play the game. While some Axie Infinity scholarship managers care about building a community, others are more concerned with making a profit.

It is always a good idea to look for guilds which gives you the opportunity to take part in more Play-to-earn games and increase your earnings to be similar to what you can make in a full time job, or maybe even more!

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