December 30, 2021

Top 5 Metaverse jobs that will rule the tech industry

The term “metaverse” is the latest buzzword to gain the attention of the technology industry. So much so that one of the internet’s heavyweights has rebranded to show their embrace of this futuristic concept.  With Facebook Inc. making it a milestone by changing its name to Meta, other major companies, such as NVIDIA, are also making bold statements about the parallel virtual world.

The Metaverse is a virtual ecosystem that you can access through the internet, created by combining artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR). And new technological developments bring with them new opportunities.  While Metaverse is still in its early stages, the intersection of AI, VR, AR gaming, blockchain, and 5G promises to help people find the land of their dreams. Here are the top 5 ‘Metaverse’ jobs that will dominate the future of technology.

1. Game Designers

As a game designer for a Metaverse-based company, you would have to be at the forefront of innovation and spend a lot of time prototyping, creating, designing, and shipping VR-based games. As a result, you would be expected to engage work with the Product, Design, and Executive teams to make end-to-end games, provide real-time feedback, and promptly resolve problems.

A game designer would have to work with product managers, researchers, content strategists, artists, and engineers. Even companies like Facebook are looking to hire a Game Designer to join their teams.

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2. Software Engineer (AR Platforms)

With the development of technology that will transform how next-generation users connect and engage with one another, tech and gaming organizations will be expected to deal with huge amounts of data and information that will go far beyond web searches. Companies would need Software Engineers with experience in large-scale system design, networking and information storage, distributed computing, artificial intelligence (AI), information retrieval, natural language processing (NLP), user interface design, and other areas. These engineers would need to work on a variety of platforms, including Android Native, Android Java, FreeRTOS, and Embedded Linux.

3. Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain engineers assist in the implementation and development of digital blockchain for businesses. They should preferably be able to develop, implement, test, deploy, and manage software systems using blockchain platforms. They should be well-versed in programming tools and have a clear understanding of decentralized ecosystems. They will have to work with software engineers and assist them in the development and deployment of software. Blockchain engineers should have expertise in scaling hybrid systems, contract deployment, and maintenance, as well as some knowledge of blockchain architecture and design.

Also considering that the world is moving towards a new model of Play2Earn, engineers with the knowledge of Blockchain would be in high demand.

4. NFT Strategist

Non-Fungible Token (NFT), has also become a buzzword in Metaverse. NFTs serve as portable, authenticatable digital property rights in the Metaverse virtual world. NFTs, which run on a blockchain network, can’t be traded and so have a unique value. The demand for NFT Strategists will be tremendous as more organizations move into creative cryptoverses or NFTs.

As an NFT strategist, you will need a strong understanding of blockchain technology to develop NFT concepts and programs that will increase engagement. You would have to research industry trends in order to provide strategic insights and opportunities. You will also need to come up with ways to incorporate NFT concepts, gamification, tactical implementation, and design to produce an engaging consumer experience.

5. Product Managers 

Product managers in a Metaverse organization would be in charge of product marketing for virtual reality social experiences, boosting remote presence and increasing human connections. You would be active in the product marketing and strategy inbound phase, informing outbound marketing with internal teams. Understanding users’ perspectives, getting input, and capturing the proper opportunities would be the key objectives.


We will have it all in the metaverse: safety, comfort, optimizations, product managers, engineers, and strategists. However, it will not happen all at once. To operate, the Metaverse will require a variety of new technologies, protocols, enterprises, inventions, and discoveries. And, by definition, achieving its lofty goals will need the participation of a multitude of people to work a variety of jobs. More than anything, in addition to a diverse set of hard talents, creativity will be the most fundamental element to success

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